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Beautiful Harry Potter Slash

Slash is much more than Beautiful...

HP Slash is Beautiful
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All Members , Moderated

About time to get here, huh?

Hello, and welcome to beauty_slash , a Harry Potter slash community for Harry Potter slash lovers. Before we get any further to this fantastic slashy community, I'm warning you, this site is only for those people who appreciate the beauty of Harry Potter slash. Staying in the subject, not also is this site slash, but also incest (with the same sex of course), chan-slash, well...come on; ANYTHING SLASH!! This community is for those who wish to talk about the beauty of Harry Potter slash.

*Take in mind, as soon as you join you MUST  post the application form in the community..*

As soon as you join in, you may post: pictures, icons, posters, banners, and of course, Fanfiction.

 Well, the rules are simple for those who do wish to join here:

  • You must like Harry Potter slash/incest
  • Do not post any pornographic photos, banners, icons, whatever. It isn't appropiate for LJ
  • You may post fanfics either Rated R or NC-17 (also PG-13 if you like)

Once you join, you must fill out the application/form under a lj cut-text that says "Harry Potter slash is Beautiful". Here's the form:

  1. Name:

  2. Age:

  3. Reasons you like/adore/love slash?

  4. Which do you prefer the most: female slash or male slash?

  5. What's your favourite slash pairing?

  6. What's your least favourite slash pairing?

  7. What are your thoughts on incest slash?

  8. What are your thoughts on chan-slash (very young child having sex with an adult)?

That's all and I hope to see you soon!